Is math stressing you out? Physics keeping you up at night? Chemistry going over your head? Are you struggling to finish your English homework? Are you running everywhere to meet with tutors? If yes, we can help. eAgeTutor provides professional, customized, and one-on-one online tutoring.

Key Benefits
  • Accessible anytime , anywhere -- as required
  • No time constraints -- accessible across all time zones
  • No location constraints -- accessible across all towns and cities
  • One-on-one customized tutoring
  • Free diagnostic and assessment tests
  • Access to a variety of highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Quality assured -- parents can monitor and observe the sessions from any location
  • Student friendly -- online tutorials are recorded with an option to replay later

Customers Speak

I think you all do very well! The tutor is very patient and helps me solve problems. It is also very convenient as I do not have to go out of the house.

Manish Kumar Yadav : XIIth/State Board

I enjoy the service very much. I will continue with eAgeTutor. I am extremely happy with your service. I will look forward to continuing my studies with eAgeTutor.

Varsha Punarvasu : IXth/CBSE

I think the service is excellent. Tutors are always enthusiastic and well prepared. eAgeTutor is very flexible when I need to change my session at a short notice.

Nithin Raj : 10th CBSE

I do enjoy my classes and I have told my friends about how wonderful this programme is. My teacher adjusts her teaching according to my needs and that is helpful.

Ayush Trivedi : 10th CBSE

Every teacher that I have met is very nice. I enjoy every class and I feel very good about the progress that I have made. The best thing I like your service is that I can arrange lessons that fit my schedule, which can be hectic at times. I am very satisfied and happy with eAgeTutor.

Anirudh Khanapurkar : XIth CBSE

The online class was great! First, you can't beat the convenience of attending a class from home! The hassle of travelling to/from class is gone. I didn't have to worry about factoring in the time needed to travel to class. In addition, I found the eAgeTutor online experience to be less stressful than being in a traditional classroom. I think eAgeTutor made me more comfortable speaking out in class and also made me less shy in terms of asking questions or saying that I didn't understand something.

Safa Subair : Xth CBSE

I liked the sessions because I was able to review something I learned and just wanted to look over. I really think eAgeTutor is a good place to do so and I really enjoy it!!! Best tutoring I've found so far...wonderful method of teaching and explaining! Tutors actually helped me in a lot of the explanations and definitions of terms and concepts. I wish I get more sessions.

Dhruvajit : VI ICSE

I enjoy the lessons very much. I will continue my studies with eAgeTutor. I am extremely happy with the service.

Varsha Punarvasu : IX/CBSE

I think the service is excellent. My tutor is always enthusiastic and well prepared. eAgeTutor is very flexible when something comes up and when i need to change my plans at short notice.

Devi Patel

The teachers of eAgeTutor have helped me in my studies and my marks have improved! They use good tools like the white board and I study in the comfort of my home.


I enjoy studying with eAgeTutor. Their teaching methods are good. I don't have to go anywhere with heavy books and now I manage my time better.

Prateek Upadhyay : XII/CBSE : Delhi

I have found eAgeTutor to be very interactive and interesting. Teachers are very helpful and use good teaching tools. I got 90% in French. Thank you!

Dhriti Gupta : VII/CBSE: Delhi

I live miles away and yet I have access to very good teachers. I find it very useful to learn by looking at visuals and other tools used by eAgeTutor.

Christie : Singapore

Currently I live in Singapore following an IB system and am attending grade 9. I started of with eAgeTutor when my friend introduced me to it. Although I was rather reluctant to try eAgeTutor my mom encouraged me therefore I tried. Consequentially, when I had my first trial lesson I realized I reached up to new heights. From rather low marks I raised my grade to a current 95 due to the fact that I scored 100% on my biology test. Overall, my parents and I are quite happy with only a few months tuition on eAgeTutor. I would also like to thank the teachers and staff that helped me along the way on my tuition especially I would like to send my best regards to Lakshmi as she is my teacher and its all due to her that my grade has improved so quickly and astonishingly. Therefore, I would like to say if you are rather ashamed or embarrassed to try eAgeTutor don't be, cause you never know what might happen.

Singapore American School

eAgeTutor team is very supportive and the programme has helped me immensely in science subjects. Teachers interact in English and my computer skills have also improved.

Mansi Khetan : VII ICSE : Azamgarh

Now I do not need to go anywhere for my coaching classes and I can also reschedule my classes, if required.

Chitresh : IX CBSE : Muzaffarpur

I have taken a session and now I will seriously think about taking a package from eAgeTutor. I don't have to wait for the teachers as they are punctual and I have the opportunity to present my questions. It saves my time and gives me flexibility.

Abhishek Kumar : X CBSE : Delhi

I liked the teacher---it is a different experience. It is interesting. eAgeTutor helps me clearing all my doubts and make me prepare to attack all my exams. I enjoy eAgeTutor classes.

Ashwini Rajashekhar : VII CBSE : Delhi

Thank you for the session. Now I will think about taking a package for eAgeTutor. Teachers are punctual they come on time. In live classes tutors comes late. We can present our questions before the class. It saves our time and is more flexible.

Abhilash Kumar : X CBSE : Delhi