Key Benefits

  • Learn as per your need : Each online spoken English learning program is based on a comprehensive placement test that identifies the areas each student needs to learn.
  • Learn on computer : Students work in a very small group on computer with an online spoken English tutor.
  • Learn at your convenience : Schedule sessions at your convenience, and take them anywhere an Internet connection is available.
  • Voice Enabled Sessions : All sessions are voice-enabled allowing you to talk naturally back and forth with your tutor.
  • Small Batch Size : There is small group of students which brings fun-filled interaction and practice.
  • Interactive Sessions : Tutor uses variety of tools to ensure the best outcome in classes. It includes Role plays, listening exercises, reading practice, speaking sessions, all this by connecting the program with day to day situations.
  • Spoken English Placement Test : Each program begins with a placement test. Based on the results of the test, the student is placed in appropriate level by an Academic Counselor.