eAgeTutor.com Safety and Online Education Statement

eAgeTutor.com understands that smart business practices, informed consumer decisions, and parental involvement are all crucial elements in ensuring the safety of children’s Internet interactions. Therefore, we are committed to playing our part to make the Internet a safer and more rewarding environment for children and people of all ages.

We take a multidimensional approach to create a safe online learning environment and to secure the well being of students and tutors.

  1. eAgeTutor.com records all student-tutor exchanges.

  2. eAgeTutor.com provides professionally staffed tutors rather than a tutor exchange.

  3. We verify tutors’ qualifications and background.

  4. We strongly encourage parents' involvement in their children's education.

Many online tutoring companies work as tutor exchanges. Their tutors are freelance workers rather than trained staff. Tutor exchanges work like chat rooms. They connect people who sign up as tutors to users who sign up as students. This open environment is neither an optimum setting for learning nor a satisfactory platform for monitoring and accountability. The student cannot be sure of the background or credibility of the tutor.

eAgeTutor.com is not a tutor exchange. Our services are provided by trained staff and not by “floating tutors.” All scheduling of tutoring sessions occurs through the eAgeTutor.com portal and is closely monitored by senior staff. eAgeTutor.com can therefore deliver consistent and high quality tutor services, and an environment for online education that is more secure than the setting that is offered by tutor exchanges.

Many online and in-person tutoring programs do not verify the qualifications or background of their tutors. Such laxness may not only compromise the quality of the education that they provide, but can also jeopardize children’s safety. eAgeTutor.com’s tutors all undergo professional, educational, and personal background checks.

Another key element in Internet education safety is the monitoring of student-tutor interactions. eAgeTutor.com takes multiple steps to ensure that individual student-tutor interactions are educationally sound and safe for the tutor and the student.

All eAgeTutor.com tutoring sessions are fully recorded, including the audio portions and anything that is displayed within the online classroom. eAgeTutor.com, and students can log in and watch recorded sessions to review and parents can log in to monitor their children's lessons. A powerful learning tool, the recorded sessions also serve as an important safety precaution by providing recordings of all tutor-student interactions within eAgeTutor.com’s online classrooms. eAgeTutor.com’s Quality Control staff review recorded sessions to provide tutors with helpful feedback as we work towards constant improvement of our services. Few online education services provide the tools to record and review tutoring sessions.

Outside of the online classroom environment, eAgeTutor.com requests that all tutor-student interactions occur within a parent-monitored e-mail address. This way, parents can remain informed of all communication from eAgeTutor.com, including the scheduling of sessions and topics. Parents, though their parent log-in, can monitor their children's schedules, schedule sessions for them, make payments and review payment history, and review recorded sessions. All legitimate tutor communication from eAgeTutor.com originates from the tutor’s official eAgeTutor.com e-mail address. This way, parents are provided with access to an archive of all student-tutor e-mails. eAgeTutor.com welcomes opportunities for parental involvement in their children's supplementary education. The more involved parents are in their children's education, the more the student will benefit and thrive.

With business exchanges, leisure activities, and educational opportunities increasingly occurring online, Internet safety has become a central issue for us all. eAgeTutor.com hopes that other online education services will adopt its exemplary model to ensure a safe Internet environment for our children and our students.

For more information about online child safety, you might like to visit the following sites:

  • http://www.safekids.com/kidsrules.htm: SafeKids.com offers families a guide for making the Internet safe, fun, and productive.

  • http://www.netsmartz.org: NetSmartz.Org is a collaboration of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and is committed to helping keep the Internet safe for children and teens.

  • http://www.safeteens.com: SafeTeens.com seeks to help teenagers and parents make wise decisions about online behavior.

  • http://www.wiredsafety.org: WiredSafety.org provides help, information, and education to victims of cyberabuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks.

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