What is eAgeTutor.com?

eAgeTutor.com is the eLearning service with a vision: to use the latest generation of technologies to deliver education of the highest quality to the widest range of students at affordable prices.

eAgeTutor.com provides individualized educational attention to students in a safe online environment. Our expertly designed educational content, software, and technology eliminate the need for physical tutorial attendance. During each eAgeTutor.com session, a student and a dedicated eTutor collaborate in a secure web interface using a combination of exclusive educational technologies, interactive white board, and voice and video over internet. We deliver guaranteed professional tutorials directly to motivated students.

Who designs eAgeTutor.com's educational content?

Our educational content is developed through the collaboration of expert educators in the United States, including Rank I K-12 specialists, decorated university teachers, and Ph.D. instructors, with an international team of educational and information technology specialists in Singapore and India.

The content includes diagnostic and assessment materials and individualized tutorials, which are fully integrated with proprietary eAgeTutor.com software and technology in a comfortable, effective, and safe online environment. All educational content is designed to reflect Individual Learning Objectives (ILOs) that state educational standards in the United States emphasize. Students will also have immediate access to an online pool of e-books, practice papers, question banks, syllabi, and much more.

What Tutor Services Does eAgeTutor.com Provide?

We care for your child's progress in school and understand that all subjects are equally important. We are continually enhancing the services that we offer in each of the following areas:

  • eAge Excellence Program - we offer individualized learning programs providing up to 72 hours of one-on-one instruction. Each program begins with an online diagnostic test that evaluates student performance in more than 70 areas. Based on this diagnostic, eAge academic counselors customize a learning plan to address that particular student's needs. The student then joins a dedicated eTutor for hourly one-on-one sessions whenever it is most convenient for him or her. eAgeTutor.com guarantees that completion of any 72 hour eAge Excellence Program will result in a grade level improvement in that subject. eAge Excellence Programs are currently available in Mathematics and English Language Arts from grades 4 through 12.
  • eAge SAT® * Preparation Program - we offer one-on-one SAT® * test preparation programs that focus on the critical areas that a student needs to improve his or her score on this important examination. Each program begins with an initial diagnostic test to assess the student's particular competencies. Based on this diagnostic, eAge academic counselors customize a SAT® * test preparation program. The student then joins a dedicated and top-scoring eAge SAT® * tutor for hourly one-on-one sessions whenever it is most convenient for him or her.
  • eAge Homework Help - we offer hourly one-on-one tutoring in all areas of Grade 4 to Grade 12 Math, English Language Arts, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. eAge Homework Help is an academically responsible way for students to learn the lessons that homework is meant to reinforce. If you would like assistance with any courses that are not currently listed here, including those that involve complex mathematics do not hesitate to write to us or call an eAge Academic Counselor.

Who are eTutors?

eTutors are experts in the subjects they teach and have at least five years of teaching experience. They hold Master's degrees from respected universities, and several have earned Ph.D. degrees. All are especially trained as eTutors and undergo continuous professional development through collaboration with eAgeTutor.com academic directors. We screen the backgrounds of all applicants before accrediting them as eTutors.

What are the benefits of being an eTutor?

eAgeTutor.com provides its tutor staff with competitive wages and a fair workplace environment. eTutors have access to a large pool of students, have opportunities to share pedagogical knowledge and skills with other teachers, can access a wealth of resources, such as e-books, libraries, and articles, and participate in ongoing professional development programs. Best of all, becoming an eTutor means that you will no longer need to waste time in traffic traveling to students' homes. You can teach anytime from anywhere!

Do I need to invest in technology?

You will need a headset that is equipped with a microphone, access to a broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 512 KBPS, a PC or Macintosh computer (we recommend a recent processor, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, and sound card), a webcam, and a writing pad.

In case of power failures/poor connectivity, could I go to an Internet caf to provide tutorials?

Attending an eAgeTutor.com session from an internet caf is possible. However, we strongly believe that tutor needs a quiet and a comfortable environment. Therefore attending tutorials from home or a quiet computer lab is better.

Is the Registration free of cost?

Yes, the Registration is absolutely free.

Do I need to be a Technically Savvy person to become an eTutor?

No, once selected as the eTutor, you would be given the necessary training.

How much time do I need to commit?

eAgeTutor is anytime/anywhere (24x7x365) online service. We have a combination of both part time and full time teachers. You will be allotted the time period for which you have to take your classes as per the convenient time slots mentioned by you.

Will I be given any training?

Yes, our expert trainers would be providing you with the necessary training once you have been shortlisted by the panel of experts as eTutor with eAgeTutor.

How will I be paid?

Your fee will be sent to you via an online bank transfer or cheque.

Do I need to come to a fixed location/or any office?

eAgeTutor is an anytime anywhere convenient service, you can conduct classes from the comfort of your own home, or even when you are away from home; as long as you have the PC and the internet connection. We recommend that you find a comfortable and a quiet place to deliver the lessons effectively.

Can I contribute in other ways besides teaching online?

Yes, you could help in many ways besides teaching, in the following areas:

  • Make test papers/practice papers
  • Help with the content

If you would like to contribute beyond teaching please contact the eAgeTutor team at hr@eagetutor.com.

Is it possible that I could take my classes while am away from my home to another city or country?

eAgeTutor is an anytime anywhere convenient service, you can conduct classes from the comfort of your own home, or when you are away from home as long as you have the PC and the internet connection. We recommend that you find a comfortable and a quiet place to deliver the lessons effectively.

What rules do I need to abide by?

You need to follow our strict code of conduct guidelines. A copy of the same would be passed onto you once you join the eAgeTutor Team. You are also recommended to refer to our Privacy Policy,
Terms of use.

What is My eAgeTutor?

My eAgeTutor is your personalized diary where you could check your schedule, host a class, have an access to your virtual library, write feedback, check your payments due and do much more.

Can I conduct a class from a cyber cafe?

Yes it is possible as an option, however we recommend that you find a comfortable and a quiet place to deliver the lessons effectively.

Are there any monthly fees/costs for being an eTutor?

No, you do not need to bear any costs for being an eTutor.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

In case you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact an eAge academic counselor or write to us.


*Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with eAgeTutor or this Web site. SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board, Which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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  •  I am really enjoying my studies with eAge Tutor. The course is very interactive and and topics are really interesting. This is a completely different way of learning English. I have met people from all over the India.Bhawna Malhotra
  •  eAge Tutor has changed my life forever ! I enjoyed being able to interact with people from different cities. I received a lot of support from Customer Support!Dileshwar
  •  The best thing about the eAge is that having extremely friendly and attentive support staff ! I really improve my ability to communicate with the other students ! I am very happy that I choose eAge Tutor for myself ! Anju Munjal
  •  I got a job after completing my course from eAge. I am very thankful to eAge for making me learn English. I can't see a better place than this to learn English.Yunjeong Lee
  •  I really loved sessions with the International Faculty. Those sessions helped me in improving my diction. It was a great experience.Gautam kumar
  •  I enjoy studying with eAge Tutor. Everybody is very helpful. I have really improved my Spoken English and Pronunciation. I am a confident person now.Mahendra Purty
  •  I feel eAge Tutor is the best place to learn English on this planet. I am very thankful to all my teachers. Not only my vocabulary has improved significantly but my ability to understand English is much better now.Umend Ram Karsh
  •  The sessions of eAge Tutor are very interactive and communicative. I don't have to go anywhere to learn English. I can learn from my home. It is very convenient.Kapil Mohan Wahi
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