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What is eAgeTutor.com?
eAgeTutor.com is India's leading digital English/skill development Training service provider with a target to achieve enormous scale by surpassing the barriers in the brick and mortar format. eAge offers engaging training sessions with live teachers by using pragmatic and holistic approach.
What is the mode of delivery?
Our sessions are powered by Zilleon - proprietary virtual class platform that facilitates live interaction between students and teachers.
What products and Services does eAgeTutor Offer?
eAgeTutor offers wide range of courses for spoken English communication skills training, IELTS and skill development courses. It offers virtual classroom coaching that provides any time - anywhere classes, as per user requirement. It facilitates a collaborative learning environment in a cost efficient manner and also provides a unique blend of mix and match of study groups and one to one student interaction with trainers.
Do I need to invest in technology?
You need to have a PC (Recommended: Pentium IV, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk, and Sound Card), a Headset, a broad band internet connection with a minimum speed of 1MBPS, a web cam (optional) and a writing pad (optional).
What are the benefits of joining eAgeTutor couses?
  • Digital player with proven scalable model
  • Anytime, anywhere training as per user convenience
  • Experienced in large scale industry specific virtual training deployment
  • Unique, cost-effective and scalable technology that works reliably on broadband speed
  • Pragmatic training pedagogy focused on employability and training job enhancement
  • Price competitive model with significant advantage over other industry players
  • Choice of group or individual sessions
  • Online tutorials are recorded for future reference
  • No need to go anywhere so you save time on travelling, energy, money & its environment friendly too
Tell me more about eAge.
Please refer to the link About Us on our website.
Who are the trainers?
Our trainers are highly qualified; post graduates, at least with 5 years teaching experience and are experts in the subjects they teach.
How safe is our website?
eAgeTutor classes operate in a secure web environment; in addition please follow the guidelines below:
  • Always remember to LOG OFF COMPLETELY from eagetutor.com if you are accessing our website from a public place.
  • Please do not divulge the password to anyone but yourself, so if something goes wrong, they would have access to your accounts.
  • Finally, change your password often and be sure to change it to something inconspicuous.
  • All classes happen under secure environment. All Trainers go through screening process before they take classes
In case you have any further queries please refer to our Privacy Policy for this.
How do I make the Payments? What are the options available for me?
We have a variety of payment options available:
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque/DD payment
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • PayPal (International Customers)
  • Paytm
  • UPI payment
How safe is the mode of the payment?
The Credit Card/Debit Card mode of payment takes place under secured environment provided by CCAvenue. Make bank transfer and put reference number.
What are the various English Programs eAgeTutor covers?
Our courses are listed here : Course Info
Is it possible to enroll for different courses at different times?
Yes you can enroll for multiple classes at any point in time.
In case of power failures/poor connectivity, could I go to an Internet cafe to attend his class?
You are advised to have a UPS attached to your PC to avoid interruptions due to power failures. As a last resort attending a class from an internet cafe is possible, though we strongly believe that a student needs a quiet and a comfortable environment. Therefore attending a class from home is better.
I have a question that is not answered here?
Please use write to us link to send us your questions not answered here.
Do the classes get recorded?
Yes each and every session get recorded.
Can I get the access to those recordings?
Your course recordings are available in your account.
Does someone support me if I have any problem in joining the classes?
Yes there is a dedicated support team who helps you in joining.
I am a working professional so how can I join these classes?
We offer flexible class timings. We conduct classes from early morning 6 am till 11 pm. You can choose your timings as per your requirement.
How can I ensure availability of required infrastructure at my home?
Our dedicated support team will assist you in infra check before the commencement of the classes. In case of any deficiency they will inform you beforehand.
Will I be awarded a certificate after the completion of my course?
Yes, we shall award an eAge certificate after completion of the course.
How can I be assured of your services before depositing my fees?
You can take a free demo session with us before enrolling for your complete satisfaction.
How will I come to know about the best suited program for me?
You can register yourself for a free counseling session with us. Our experts will guide you in choosing the best suited program for you with respect to your requirement.
What is eAgeTutor.com?

eAgeTutor.com is a Digital Spoken English/skill development platform ith a vision: to use the latest generation of technologies to deliver education of the highest quality to the widest range of learners at affordable prices.

eAgeTutor.com provides individualized educational attention to learners in a safe online environment. Our expertly designed educational content, software, and technology eliminate the need for physical tutorial attendance. During each eAgeTutor.com session, a student and a dedicated Trainer collaborate in a secure web interface using a combination of exclusive educational technologies, interactive white board, and voice and video over internet. We deliver guaranteed professional tutorials directly to motivated students.

Who designs eAgeTutor.com's educational content?
Our educational content is developed through the collaboration of expert educators who are specialized in their particular domain.
Who are Trainers?
Our trainers are experts in their domain with required educational qualification and relevant experience of 5-7 years and passion for teaching.
What are the benefits of being an eAge Trainer?
eAge provides its trainer with competitive wages and a fair workplace environment. Trainers have access to a large pool of students, have opportunities to share pedagogical knowledge and skills with other teachers, can access a wealth of resources, such as e-books, libraries, and articles, and participate in ongoing professional development programs. Best of all, becoming an eAge Trainer means that you will no longer need to waste time in traffic traveling to your office. You can teach anytime from anywhere!
Do I need to invest in technology?
You will need a headset that is equipped with a microphone, access to a broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 1 MPBS , a PC or Macintosh computer (we recommend a recent processor, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB hard drive, and sound card), a webcam, and a writing pad.
In case of power failures/poor connectivity, could I go to an Internet cafe to provide tutorials?
Attending an eAgeTutor.com session from an internet cafe is possible. However, we strongly believe that tutor needs a quiet and a comfortable environment. Therefore attending tutorials from home or a quiet computer lab is better. We strongly recommend a quite dedicated room available to take classes with an appropriate power back-up.
Is the Registration free of cost?
Yes, the Registration is absolutely free.
Do I need to be a Technically Savvy person to become an eAge Trainer?
No, once selected as the eAge Trainer, you would be given the necessary training.
How much time do I need to commit?
eAgeTutor is anytime/anywhere (24x7x365) online service. We have a combination of both part time and full time trainer. You will be allotted the time period for which you have to take your classes as per the convenient time slots mentioned by you.
Will I be given any training?
Yes, our expert trainers would be providing you with the necessary training once you have been shortlisted by the panel of experts as Trainer with eAgeTutor.
How will I be paid?
Your fee will be sent to you via an online bank transfer
Do I need to come to a fixed location/or any office?
eAgeTutor is an anytime anywhere convenient service, you can conduct classes from the comfort of your own home, or even when you are away from home; as long as you have the PC and the internet connection. We recommend that you find a comfortable and a quiet place to deliver the lessons effectively.
Can I contribute in other ways besides teaching online?
Yes, you could help in many ways besides teaching, in the following areas:
  • Write blog and articles
  • Assist in content development
  • Quality reviews of our recorded sessions
If you would like to contribute beyond teaching please contact the eAgeTutor team at hr@eagetutor.com
Is it possible that I could take my classes while am away from my home to another city or country?
eAgeTutor is an anytime anywhere convenient service, you can conduct classes from the comfort of your own home, or when you are away from home as long as you have the PC and the internet connection. We recommend that you find a comfortable and a quiet place to deliver the lessons effectively.
What rules do I need to abide by?
You need to follow our strict code of conduct guidelines. A copy of the same would be passed onto you once you join the eAgeTutor Team. You are also recommended to refer to our Privacy Policy, Terms of use
What is My eAgeTutor?
My eAgeTutor is your personalized diary where you could check your schedule, host a class, have an access to your virtual library, write feedback, check your payments due and do much more.
Are there any monthly fees/costs for being an eAge Trainer?
No, you do not need to bear any costs for being a Trainer as long as you have a working internet connection and the required equipments.
What if I have a question that is not answered here?
In case you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact an eAge academic counselor or write to us.
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