• Myth 1:
  • Punctuation is important in Reading response:

    NO!!! In the Reading Test, it is not essential to focus on punctuating the answer. Therefore you may choose to write in ALL CAPITALS or all lower case.

  • Myth 2:
  • Its alright to not write an article or preposition as a part of an answer.

    NO!!! An article or a preposition may play an important role, especially, if it is a Complete sentence or Summary completion question type. If an answer demands the presence of these essential elements, then it is mandatory to record it in the answer sheet. Else, the answer would be marked wrong.

  • Myth 3:
  • Reading Comprehension requires Vocabulary:

    All it tests is your ability to understand the general meaning of the passage/ sentence, not the meaning of every word.

  • Myth 4:
  • Reading the passage before answering the questions is the perfect way to attempt:

    More often than not, the entire passage wouldnt be required to answer all the questions. Its suggested you see the questions before you try to read the passage and identify key words to manage time better.

  • Myth 5:
  • In IELTS there are negative markings for wrong answers:

    NO!!! There is no negative marking in IELTS Reading. Therefore, please do not leave any question unanswered. If you do not know an answer, just guess!

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