Understanding the Writer's Opinion Speed Reading

Understanding the Writer's Opinion:

  • Read all the statements before reading the article.
  • Read the first statement carefully and skim for detailed information in the article. It will be easier to find the related information by looking for the numbers, places, names or bold text in that statement.

Speed Reading (ways)

  • Skimming is to glance through text to find important parts to read. Although this is usually considered a speed reading method, you're not teaching yourself to read faster. You're just learning which parts you can skip over.
  • Meta guiding is one of the older techniques. It's when you use a finger (or a pointer like a pen) to guide your eyes to specific words. The point is to decrease distraction and focus on the specific words to increase your reading speed.
  • Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) is a method used by most of the recent digital speed reading systems. Single words flash on the screen so you're concentrating on a single word at a time. As you get used to the system, you speed up how fast the display shows you words.
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